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The Intensive 1on1 coaching sessions happen over the course of a few weeks. DEEP DIVE SOLO is a 4 week program, and the EVOLUTIONARY LEAP is a 3 week program. Please peruse the descriptions and feel into to if these are aligned with you at this time. Because of the dedication required, you will be asked a few questions before committing and payment. You will receive a contract to be completed and filled out by 24hrs before our first session begins.This work is very special and I feel thrilled to be offering! I feel excited to begin with you! Thank you.

DEEP DIVE SOLO - 4 weeks - the game changer

I am your sherpa as we explore the emerging divine nature within you that is yearning to be expressed through your embodiment. This is a life long practice. You may be well along your way on your spiritual path, you may be relatively new to the truth of your multi-dimensional existence. We start where you are, and summit the next peak of your evolution within a relative short period of time -  4 weeks. The Deep Dive 4-week is a one-on-one intensive designed to empower you to be your own sherpa, increase your embodiment of your divine self, and profoundly evolve you through love. Understand this as a project of discovery and map creation, integration and skills empowerment, fortifying your foundations. We open and close our time with a DEEP session, book ending our time together. During the month you will receive a DEEPER energy session, a DEEPEST energy session, and a day-long workshop retreat (usually a weekend day) with a theme from a list of choices : shamanic dance, channeling through coloring, meditation, Journeywork, self energy healing exploration, or shadow work.  I am available to chat via VOXER messenger Monday through Friday afternoons (within our chosen times TBD on our first meeting) throughout our the program. All meetings happen via ZOOM and will be recorded for you.  Please familiarize yourself with the VOXER application and the ZOOM platform before we begin.


EVOLUTIONARY LEAP - 3 weeks - deep integration and shift

You've got the skills. Now what? We meet over the course of 3 weeks, opening to the widest expansion of your starseed-ness, earthangelic-ness, and mover&shaker-ness, and step more fully into your personal empowerment and grace. This 3 week intensive is designed to assist you in blossoming into your fullest embodied expansion - unique to you. The impact of these weeks will ripple out over months. The more ‘ripe’ you are, the bigger the impact. Our time together can raise you from the ashes and chaos into your highest timeline- the best possible you at this time. If you feel you are on the verge of a breakthrough, know that there is something ineffable emerging within you and your life, your emergence into the newness is pending. It is suggested that you take it easy during this time, as much of the energy work done at this level is within the Akash, with energetic DNA upgrades, and complete re-gridding within the highest vibrations possible for you. You will  evolve through two DEEPEST energy sessions during our 21 days together (14 days of energy work for you!) Throughout, we will stay in touch daily Monday-Friday afternoons (times TBD on first meeting). All meetings happen via ZOOM and will be recorded for you. All other communication will happen via the VOXER application. Please familiarize yourself with the VOXER application and the ZOOM platform before we begin.

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