Christine Marguerite - MA, LMT, RYT, hi-vibe energy light-bender

the short, easy to digest, bio: 

  Firstly, Thank you for finding me!

  The most basic explanation of what I do is this: I perceive flow and consciousness on multiple dimensions, and , also, where there is not flow. In a session or class, I open to allow flow  and encourage flow to where it is not. This flow, which can be experienced as love, can pour through me into and on to whatever i focus upon. Other times, I simply bear witness to conscious forces flowing love/light/vibration into you.

  I have been sensitive to the unseen forces since I can remember.  I am a seer. Spirits visited me as a child and I could see/feel/hear these spirits as well as  the emotions of people, animals, and places i focused upon. Since these kinds of experiences were not reflected back to me as 'really real reality' (as Ken Wilbur says), I learned to ignore them the best I could.  What I did not loose touch with was the sensation of energy running through my body; at 10 years old,  I would imagine/feel red circles of energy running through areas of pain in my body. I would play with circling energy through my arms/heart/hands. By my teens, a series of  what are now called 'awakenings' occurred. NYC was in full swing of the new age movement during the 80's and 90's, and there I found teachers to not only validate some experiences, but also guide me. This was all many moons ago... I had left these awareness in the background until 2016, when, as a massage therapist and dedicated meditation teacher, the volume was turned up, so to speak, on all of my perceptual abilities. Currently, I identify as: clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairempathic, and as a high vibrational medium. I offer readings, clearings and coachings on all of the above.



the indepth skinny:

Let me tell you a little bit more - 

yoga and dance: coming soon

meditation: coming soon

massage therapy: coming soon


energywork: as I mention above in the brief bio, my awareness and ability to perceive began very young with running energy through my own body for healing. There are so many different threads to follow on my journey, so not everything will be included here.

My mother was a yogi and mystic, and introduced me to yoga, astrology, tarot, and things of that nature from the beginning of my life. My first awakening experince was in my tweens - all i remember was being inspired by a book and then feeling overwhelming love. I walked around for days in a bliss state, aware that everyone and everything was ONE, was LOVE. Other awakenings followed. In my 20's in NYC, I began a meditation practice focusing on the basic 7 chakras.  I practiced dance meditation and worked with many different energy healers during those years. One healer trained me to do crystal healing. Another, trained me to teach dance mediation classes for her.  By my 30's I was living in an ashram, learning more and meditating more. I went back to school for a masters in consciousness studies and somatics. I then began teaching in yoga studios, offering what I could, though limited in many ways. Eventually, i turned my back on the mystical traditions and keenly focused on Theravedan Buddhism -  insight mediation tweezed apart reality for me, and i began to see clearly, with the heart practices (metta) softening the blow. What is called 'stream entry' in this tradition came on clearly, and i realized it was not the first time I had this experience - it is akin to coming to the edge of sensate realities of matter and mind and simply... dropping off. Though I am not master, for this has only occurred a handful of times, this is enough to see much more clearly. Unexpectedly, the seeing also included aspects of reality that were hidden to me for most of my adult life.  By 2017 i made peace with the spiritual realities and eventually found solace and validation in a community called The Lightworker's Lab (contact info here). AND, a really great therapist: (info here if appropriate.)

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