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 An Intuitive Touch Breathwork session can take many forms, & usually begins as soon as you make your appointment. The session can be 90+ minutes in length. I begin each session as a ritual and then often move into the body with rocking, jiggling, traction and some stretching. Then move into subtler aspects of your self/Self. My primary intention is to hold space for emotions and subtle energy to move and release, 

and to integrate deep into the body. Every session is unique. I can describe what I see and feel as I work on you, or remain in meditative 
silence with you. Drawing on breathwork, energy medicine/Reiki, Thai Massage, Neuro-muscular repatterning massage, shamanic healing and intuitive guidance from your guides. This session can give rise to intense release.

offered exclusively as in-person sessions at my office. Plan on scheduling 2 hrs total for your session, $180us 

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