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ETHER as an element Is the foundationless foundation of manifestation, or pure spaciousness. From which all things arise and into which they dissolve. The empty blackness of taoism, the Akash of ayurveda, emptiness of Buddhism, that which IS but can not be pointed to, and on and on and on… it IS YOU at your most foundational being, beyond the sense of self, beyond the arising of I AMness, it simply is. It can be tasted in all things, as space is the essence of all things. How does this manifest as ether, as element perceivable and knowable? How does this blossom from deep within and out through every pore? Of all the elements, this is always both/and: expanded and contracted, bound and free, encumbered and fully expressed. Outside duality and within manifestation. Does this manifest as your lived experience? YES!: as, within, and through. This week’s exploration of this prime element will open you into your experience and expression of it.

SUNDAY 7/11 :
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Then MONDAY 7/12 we will meet privately to go deeper and reveal the healing/wholing/clearing/freedom offered with SPACE/ETHER:
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