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How do you WANT to feel? Deep down?
This is a project of committing to your self and infusing your life with your favorite flavors of feels. Your desired feeling tones for your life become your guiding light.
  Once we uncover how we truly want to feel ( an ongoing process ), and being to create patterns of self discovery and self care, We then are able to live these desired vibes by choice.
  Choosing can take practice and experimentation over time. Before we become highly skilled with life choices from a soul desired feeling, we practice feeling and being and expressing these feels through dance, meditation, journaling, and sharing our experience with the Posse in a myriad of ways.
  THIS is how we RE-SET! Ditch the New Year’s Resolutions and discipline! We find the map emerging from our heart of hearts and the living feeling becomes the goal - Then we love it fiercely , for it is our own life after all.

One clarity, discovery, epiphany at a time.


Presented by Chrystine Marguerite,
The loving force behind LOVEVOLVENERGY

Breathe Feel Dream Posse
Re-Set 2022

2022 Dates:
Session1: 10/16 - 11/19
Session2: 11/27-12/17
Session3: 12/28 - 1/4/2023
Potential extra sessions TBD
We will meet Sundays TBD and Thursdays TBD in the evening (east coast time)

finalized days and times are TBD at this time.

Price: $333 until 10/9/22 , then $555.
Registration closes on 10/15/22

In addition to the above cost, there is a suggested reading list:
The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
Maps to Ecstasy by Gabrielle Roth

plus journaling materials

All of these books can be found online (Amazon), used and new.

We will meet twice a week on ZOOM, so ability to use Zoom before our start date is important. We will have a FaceBook private group which shall act as our hub for the Posse, so access to Facebook is also required.


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So … maybe this feels like a good match for you right now? Maybe you already practice this and would love a posse to to connect with and go deeper? Maybe you are DONE with the old ways of deciding and want a newer & freer way? I know that I do!  While I cannot promise results, I can offer that increased confidence, empowerment, and centeredness is available for you. The likelihood that you can grow your clarity and acceptance of your true self is high. It is possible that all anxieties could fade, and all dreams come true in time.  If this seems like it is for you, join us!

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