Basic Energy Flush,$60 us

Your highest vibration guides and I use techniques to flush, clear and seal your energy system, Leaving you feeling more open, grounded, clear of mind and heart, relaxed, and/or expanded. You are sent and audio report  with some techniques to use. Payment in full required before booking







Multi-dimensional Energy Alchemy,  $120 us

These sessions can take many forms – the overall effect being that of feeling very present, grounded, more whole and profundly free. Often you will feel a big shift in your perception of life and yourself. The unfolding of the energy alchemy can often happen over time, as to insure full ease of integration. I use a blend of different energy work techniques, always beginning and ending with the anchor of the body, held in sacred space. Then, as the multi-layered/multidimensional  self expands and comes to the fore, the vibrational healing begins.  The types of wholing events that emerge during a session can be: aura, chakra, and meridian clearing/balancing, re-patterning and upgrading on all dimensions and levels, past-life and deep conditioning energy patterns (including removal of consciousnesses/cords/implants) released and evolved, all dimension integration and wholing/healing, akashic record shifting, messages from guides, angelic fire and flower healing, hara and core star alignment, body deva and devic realm alignment, gridding and grounding, and many more. If we are working in person, often touch can be included as new shifts are integrated into the 3-D form, but can also be hands-off depends on what you bring with you! Until further notice, we will be working virtually: I will perform the session, you may go about your day at this time or engage with meditation during the scheduled session time. You will receive a recorded audio report of the session, including any messages that may come through.  

Payment in full required before booking.









Special Package of Energy Alchemy,  $260 us

This 3 session package includes one Basic Energy Flush

and two Multi-dimensional Energy Alchemy sessions to be completed over the course of 4 weeks, or one year. the booking expires one year from purchase date. This pack is excellent if you are hoping to move through any experience more smoothly. It is also a great introduction to energy work and it's benefits over time. You will feel lighter, freer and more whole. You will receive an audio report for each session. Payment in full required before booking. Please book the first session, then we will book privately the remaining 2 sessions. thank you! Payment plan details on request.

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