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$111 us

This is the foundational session, where we deep dive into your current experience. The session is primarily conversation format: I will read your energy and channel messages from your guides as they arise. This session is where a deep shift can begin for you. The energy healing can be subtle though powerful. 



$222 us

These sessions can take many forms – the overall effect being that of feeling very present, grounded, more whole and profoundly free. Often you will feel a big shift in your perception of life and yourself. The unfolding of the energy alchemy can often happen over time, as to insure full ease of integration. I use a blend of different energy work techniques, always beginning and ending with the anchor of the body, held in sacred space. Then, as the multi-layered/multidimensional  self expands and comes to the fore, the vibrational healing begins.  The types of wholing events that emerge during a session can be: aura, chakra, and meridian clearing/balancing, re-patterning and upgrading on all dimensions and levels, past-life and deep conditioning energy patterns (including removal of consciousnesses/cords/implants) released and evolved, all dimension integration and wholing/healing, akashic record shifting, messages from guides, angelic fire and flower healing, hara and core star alignment, body deva and devic realm alignment, gridding and grounding, and much more. If we are working in person, often touch can be included as new shifts are integrated into the 3-D form, but can also be hands-off depends on what you bring with you! Until further notice, we will be working virtually: The session begins as soon as you book it, you may go about your life noticing small shifts of perception. Our scheduled meeting happens over a zoom call and includes an energy reading, answering questions you may have, and a full channeled energy healing session as guided by your guides. You will have the opportunity to relax and receive the process during the zoom meeting.

Payment in full required before booking.



$444 us

Formerly "The Divine Love Infusion", this is a deep and beautiful process, working exclusively with Angelic realms, your divine spark and your heart center. The evolution of your incarnation to the highest of the high divine expression possible at this time is the theme of these sessions. What occurs is of the highest dimensions of light and love, and is highly attuned to precisely what you need. The effect is profound and powerful and are felt through all levels, dimensions, timelines, and realities. My process for this type of healing is rigorous, though subtle: it is similar to the 'DEEPER" session described above, though i work with your energy over the course of 5-7 days. we meet at for a clarification session via zoom to begin the process. I check in with you through the following days, sometimes with messages or insights channeled through from Source.  We meet for a final  zoom session the last day, where more discussion and healing for integration takes place.  The DEEPEST session is for those who are ready for a major shift and upleveling of their energy system. 

pre-paid distance session $444 us

Following is a full review of the Divine Love Infusion: i feel blessed and thankful for all the people who recieve through me.

Divine Light Infusion is a profound offering from Christine Marguerite!!  If you have never had the opportunity to have a session, I advise booking immediately.   Christine has a way of creating a gracious, loving, non-formal, zestful, multi-dimensional portal of space to facilitate targeted messages and healing.   I have had the chance to engage with Christine for many offerings over the years.   Each and every one has been healing in so many ways on so many layers.  The Divine Light Infusion in particular was a rather simple process on my end as the receiver.  She mentioned that she would be doing the session and we would connect in a week.  Talk about simple for me, all I had to do is give permission, absolutely in.  When we connected after the week’s time, I had had a few things happen during the week and she had so much to say as well.  

She unraveled her notes with a cosmic language that matched my comprehension while she related with openness, space for clarification, confirmation and validation.  When you empower Christine for guidance on your journey, she provides evidential confirmation of your higher self’s needs and desires.   She co-created with my higher self during their session, the best protocol of healing and clearing over the week and got to work.  She admitted to being woken at random hours of the night to help bring the energy through.  I appreciate that kind of dedication to making sure the direct result is pure and complete.  We spoke about how to translate the energy that I was feeling and how to identify the connection to the Grandfather Spirit that was present, offering guidance and guardianship.  When you get a glimpse at your greater picture, the reassurance that the path you vaguely see ahead is in fact the best timeline for achieving your soul’s greatest desire, it is refreshing and validating. Christine reignited me energetically from my fractal self, back to my whole self.  Do not hesitate to co-create with Christine, you will be oh so very happy that you did.  

If the idea of a reading is overwhelming to you, Christine has the most divine voice recorded meditations.  One of my all-time favorite meditations has to be her Energetic Spa Cleanse.  It will leave you fully rejuvenated and all clear of stale, cranky, and outdated energy that was hanging around.  I bought it and listen to it before I need to go out and stand up for myself so I have the space for my highest and best.  I thank my lucky stars that I was introduced to Christine and look forward to her guidance as my future evolves and we can co-create.

Alicia Clark-Teper

Astrologer & Tarot Intuitive

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