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fire elemental wholing


Penetrating wisdom 🔥

Are you dragging your past into the present? As paul selling channels / says: I am free. I am free. I am free.


what consumes you? what frees ?


WHAT IS THE GLOW IN THE HEART? This is what happens when source is near…

Until then…

we rise from the ashes, no matter how meek... the hope that rests within is the glow of divine spark - life itself. there is no end. there is only transmutation of form to formlessness. fire is our vehicle. our right of passage. terrifying from outside, ecstatic and freeing once within the flame. WU-WEI. effortless effort. we surrender. we rise.

Let us open to the blessings of.

Digestion. Circulation. The spark of life itself in every cell of your being!

Lions gate, portal of fire… the season of LEO!

AGNI Agni Agni - rg veda fire worshipping yogis of the past… the glow the warmth the light. Fire

Sun is nuclear fusion.

On earth fire needs air to exist. - without the spaciousness and communication of air, fire is extinguised -

Radiate warmth . Transformation, transmutation, alchemy, Intention, effortless magnetism. All desires deeply fulfilled. Co-creation with divine source.

Alchemizing and transformative at it’s core -

Penetrating wisdom 🔥

Are you dragging your past into the present? As paul selling channels: I am free. I am free. I am free.

Cramped fire element run your life:

Longing desire. Craving. Lust. Manipulation through magnetism. Compulsivity. Seduction. Vampiric. Magnetize OTHERS into UNION. Searching and seeking for sensual pleasure. Deeper and deeper depths. Glamour. Never satisfied. Hungry ghost. When desire is won, the energy drains, nothing left to feed on, and so… move on… to the next. From fire to fire to fire until we burn out.

Fizzles, gone cold…

OTHER is food, is fulfillment.


UNION in all things…




Playful and seductive, something to gain.

Freed fire element fully expressed in your life!:

Penetrating discernment

Discriminating wisdom

Penetrating wisdom

Radiant compassion with no object

Effortless magnetism

Effortless easy attraction, with no goal or desire, j

ust enthusiasm for the path!

Awareness of details

Warmth and friendliness

Simply glowing

Self sufficient

Welcoming warmth, genuine interest, not grasping or ulterior motivations of gain.

Simply radiating

Inner glow

Playful and seductive , nothing to gain.

This week’s exploration of the element of FIRE will open you into your experience and expression of it. SUNDAY 8/8 :

Join us:

Then Monday 8/9 we will meet privately to go deeper and reveal the healing/wholing/clearing/freedom offered with the multi-dimensional aspects of FIRE:

Join us on ZOOM:

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